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Voting system

Voting system designed never to be exposed to outside of your LAN. Along usage with Android and Iphone devices (BYOD system) You will have full control on voting about topics required. All the results are graphically and textually produced.



Standalone web based application configured to run inside Your LAN, can be exposed to internet if required. Created with top notch flexible web frameworks as base for usage on devices participants already have. That kind of approach leverages financial implementation demands to bare minimum. Use Your Iphone or Your Android phone, but only when in place where that is allowed and needed.

    Anybody from private or public sector that requires voting.
    In order to fully support our users, we have developed video educational material, none of them more then two minutes with in detail explanations for every single workflow step.
    Some countries support their merchant industry, trying to make them more concurrent on global market.
    Check what Your government says about that.
    As much as required, there are no limitations.
    Absolutely, contact us for specific planning and production.
Price list


Standard (S)

EUR 20/month.
(30 users + administrator)

  • 1 x Application (WEB stack, Android, Iphone)

Premium (M)

EUR 30/month.
(60 users + administrator)

  • 1 x Application (WEB stack, Android, Iphone)

Professional (L)

EUR 40/month.
(90 users + administrator)

  • 1 x Application (WEB stack, Android, Iphone)

Maximum (XL)

EUR 50/month.
( unlimited )

  • 1 x Application (WEB stack, Android, Iphone)
Video - check "in action"
Development cycle is a "neverending story", from idea to functionality, we strive bringing innovation with examining every aspect over and over again.
  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Intuitiveness
  • Security
  • Adoptability
  • Availability