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MobyShops - selling everywhere

MobyShops is a standalone Android tablet solution aimed to provide easy to use, flexible solution for small merchants and craftsman which require inexpensive, stable and modern portable sales solution. Various abilities allow user to fully control all aspects of MobyShops performance making everyday work hassle free and up to date at any time.



A set of Android applications aimed for use on Android tablets with bluetooth or wired POS printrs.

    It is suited for all small retail shops, flower shops, hair dresser salons, bakeries or any craftsman that is required to create invoice for work or service provided.
    In order to fully support our users, we have developed video educational material, none of them more then two minutes with in detail explanations for every single workflow step.
    Some countries support their merchant industry, trying to make them more concurrent on global market.
    Check what Your government says about that.

    Selling from groups of items

    Barcode reading

    Setting up and changing items names and arranging into groups

    Setting up and changing groups names

    Selling from different warehouses

    Setting up and chaging warehouses wholesal/retail

    Different payments selection

    Various currency setup

    Working hours totaling

    Various sales reports

    Various financial reports

    Setting up and changing employee data

    Email notifications

    Setting up different types of invoices

    Ability to change VAT percentage

    ...everything you'll need to work efficiently

Price list


Professional (L)

EUR 25/month.

  • 1 x All inclusive
Video - check "in action" ( SOON! )
Development cycle is a "neverending story", from idea to functionality, we strive bringing innovation with examining every aspect over and over again.
  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Intuitiveness
  • Security
  • Adoptability
  • Availability