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MobySell is..?

MobySell is a mobile sales web based wholesale business system often called "Office 2 Go". That means that the entire company can take out their office work and perform it directly in front of the customer. Ability to create invoices for goods, invoices for services, dispatching documents, pass goods in between employees with transfer note in and out, create surveys, send messages to specific or grouped parts of the sales team and many other features ... will significantly lower down administrative costs, empowering you with more sales quality time, enabling you to reduce workflow errors to bare minimum. Use of MobySell usually results with higher sales efficiency, customer satisfaction increase, higher profit, better concurrency, real-time workflow control... and that's the way sales are to be done. MobySell simplicity and adaptability are derived from over a decade of experience within sales.



Web application used on Android devices. "Must have" for any sales company that delivers goods based on previous phone, email orders or has commercial representatives taking orders.

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    Mobile sales systems were up until these days exclusive for only very wealthy companies.
    These kind of systems are usually both hardware and software expensive...well, not any more!".
    In order to fully support our users, we have developed video educational material, none of them more then two minutes with in detail explanations for every single workflow step.
    Some countries support their merchant industry, trying to make them more concurrent on global market.
    Check what Your government says about that.
    • Invoices for goods
    • Service invoices
    • Dispatch documents
    • Transfers In
    • Transfers Out
    • Notes
    • Surveys
    • Orders
    Printing documents from previous dates,
    Printing goods sales results per day, week, month quarterly..,
    Inventory checkup,
    Geolocator and routing,
    Barcode scaning,
    Creating real time surveys,
    Team messaging system, Real time tracking sales per employee,
    Real time stock tracking per vehicle,
    Cash per employee / total reporting,
    Service actions documenting,
    Employee administration panel...
Price list employee / vehicle


Standard (S)

EUR 20/month.

  • 1 x All sales modules
  • 1 x All reports

Premium (M)

EUR 25/month.

  • 1 x All sales modules
  • 1 x All reports
  • 1 x Geolocator and router

Professional (L)

EUR 30/month.

  • 1 x All sales modules
  • 1 x All reports
  • 1 x Geolocator & router
  • 1 x Surveys module

Maximum (XL)

EUR 30/month.

  • 1 x All sales modules
  • 1 x All reports
  • 1 x Geolocator & router
  • 1 x Surveys module
  • 1 x Digital archive module
Video - check it in "action"
Development cycle is a "neverending story", from idea to functionality, we strive bringing innovation with examining every aspect over and over again.
  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Intuitiveness
  • Security
  • Adoptability
  • Availability
Video education comes as a short video series designed to enable quicker new employee integration in everyday work.
  • Short, consise, up to 3 min.
  • Each functionality covered
  • Annotations
  • Video instructions on Tablet
  • Video instructions on Smartphones
News and updates - video documented
  • Every new functionality
  • Every update
  • E-Mail notifications
  • Adaptations per request
  • User preference video privacy