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Catering business start from the moment guests arrives. Standard approach can lead to unhappy or unsatisfied guest. Mainly this happens when guest is required to wait a long time to be served. Now APP 4 BAR offers a significantly different approach to serving guests combined with technical solution which enables fast serving, takes out the most possiblities for errors while responding to guests requests. All processes of catering business are covered, optimized empowering staff with the ability to be all time guest oriented. Preparing guests orders starts only few seconds after submitting order request usually while waiter is still in front of the guest table. The owner of catering facility has the ability to track all events as they occur in real time, orders, payments, stocks...and all this from any part of the world. You can see many additional benefits in detailed explanation throughout this page or see videos in action.



Web app that primarily focuse on Android smartphone or tablet use. "Must have" for every catering business owner that knows what is "the best" for their business.

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    Example, this is use case we witness quite often, especially on highly frequent places... Restaurants or Bars can get crowded, and if these places have several terrace units or inside spaces, kitchen, separate bartender, several cooks, several waiters, their job can be quite a hassle if they want to do it properly and stay at guests disposal at all time. Now APP 4 BAR changes that alike situation in hassle free work...

    So, the guests are coming... 30 - 40 people on 6-7 tables, waiter approaches table 1, takes the order.. 5-10 drinks at once (here we have and unusual specific requests "more ice for me", "cold milk,please", "a glass of tap water"...and all other.." :) ). Right after waiter submits, just few seconds after order has been concluded, while still at the table 1 bartender already sees the complete order, kitchen can see every dish ordered and they can start preparing it. Same goes for table 2,3....Three minutes after the order has been taken first table drinks are ready-to-go and can be at guests table in under 4 minutes. Now "that-is-fast" for such fast paced,crowded environments, ain't that so? No more waiting will make Your guest happy and a returner... So your, dazzled with service you provided them want, guests want to pay and leave...They call the waiter, he approaches, creates invoice at that moment standing in front of them... You just "swiped Your guests of their feet", they will really appreciate the time You saved them cutting down their "waiting time"!!

    "What did they order..umm..??"..."I did not order that" goes away..for good...and is not coming back...NO MORE forgotten or not exact orders... Your employee can now be really guest and service quality oriented, because "it's all about the guests" ...and your employees daily walking distance will correspond to average Real Madrid goalkeeper. WIN-WIN Your opponents will envy You for success you'll make with APP 4 BAR
    APP 4 BAR will bring you real time control over every aspect of your business. Speed, punctuality and more time for guest satisfaction. That is all you need for...not just good... but excellent business!
    There might be a way to finance purchasing APP 4 BAR. Check your government sites under "concurrency".
    App 4 BAR is not just a technical solution for daily bends daily workflow achieving more efficiency, taking all processes to higher standard. As a result, employees can do more for their guests.
    - Real time tracking sales per employee,
    - Real time tracking and analyzing stocks,
    - Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports
    - Tracking orders per table in real time
    - onTable sending orders to kitchen or Bar
    - Prepared order info from kitchen or Bar
    - Charging per rounds or table
    - On screen orders lookup per rounds
    - Shifts transitions with sums (Money, sold items) per shift
    - Quick notes section for fast input based on special guest requests
    - Real time unpaid amounts tracking, per table
    - Charging colleagues tables, in case of absence.
Price list


Standard (S)

EUR 25/month.

  • 1 x Manager module (Gratis)
  • 1 x Waiter module

Premium (M)

EUR 40/month.

  • 1 x Manager module (Gratis)
  • 1 x Waiter module
  • 1 x Bartender module

Professional (L)

EUR 55/month.

  • 1 x Manager module (Gratis)
  • 1 x Waiter module
  • 1 x Bartender module
  • 1 x Kitchen module

Maximum (XL)

EUR 70/month.

  • 1 x Manager module (Gratis)
  • Waiter module (unlimited *)
  • Bartender module (unlimited *)
  • Kitchen module (unlimited *)
Video - check it in "action"
Development cycle is a "neverending story", from idea to functionality, we strive bringing innovation with examining every aspect over and over again.
  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Intuitiveness
  • Security
  • Adoptability
  • Availability
Video education comes as a short video series designed to enable quicker new employee integration in everyday work.
  • Short, consise, up to 3 min.
  • Each functionality covered
  • Annotations
  • Video instructions on Tablet
  • Video instructions on Smartphones
News and updates - video documented
  • Every new functionality
  • Every update
  • E-Mail notifications
  • Adaptations per request
  • User preference video privacy